Team synergy

We build synergistic teams and align
the objectives of all the team members

During the typical recruitment process, the candidate’s suitability to work with a given manager or team isn’t analyzed.

As a consequence, 70 to 80 % of employee dismissals stem from a conflict with the supervisor or another member of the team.

Hire & Keep offers two complementary tools to help improve team dynamics and work synergy :

AssessFirst team assessment

Analyze your teams and simulate the integration of new members.


The AssessFirst Talent Mapper was designed to provide you with an overall view of a team’s mode of operation, talents and limitations in 12 key areas of work-life. Talent Mapper also enables you to simulate the integration of a new member in an existing team.

Team Code of Conduct Workshop

The purpose of this 1- to 1½-day workshop is to implement a form of team governance that will mobilize all the vital forces of its members by :

  • Aligning the coworkers’ perceptions in order to gain their commitment

  • Identifying the expectations of all parties concerned

  • Collectively defining the mission of the unit

  • Collectively defining the key performance indicators

  • Collectively agreeing on the values that should be respected within the unit

  • Collectively defining the group’s rules of governance

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