Predictive recruitment

We map out the success of your recruitment efforts
Employee retention begins by recruiting candidates with the right profile, in keeping with the job description, the company culture and the personalities of the team they will be joining, including the team leader.

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Hire & Keep is the official Swiss representative of AssessFirst, a system of predictive tests that affords you a 360-degree vision of your candidate or employee through three complementary tests :

With BRAIN, we evaluate the subject’s learning capacity.

With DRIVE, we reveal what motivates the subject from day to day.

With SHAPE, we anticipate the subject’s behaviors.

In 18 minutes or less, BRAIN enables you to evaluate your candidates’ or employees’ capacities for reasoning and learning in four essential areas. It lets you know what the person CAN do.

In just 10 minutes, DRIVE enables you to identify the fundamental needs of your candidates and employees. Thus, you’ll learn exactly what makes them tick. It lets you know what the person WANTS to do.

In approximately 10 minutes, SHAPE reveals the behaviors people exhibit reflexively as they evolve in a professional context, whether in their way of relating to others, their method of solving problems or from an emotional point of view.

The Item Response Theory (IRT) technology that’s embedded in BRAIN makes it possible to obtain measurements that are 5 to 20 times more precise and reliable than those obtained through traditional aptitude tests.

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Individuals, SMEs and startups :
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Hire & Keep pricing and perks for individuals, startups and SMEs :

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You have 12 months to use your tests

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Evaluation of 1

Starting at CHF 99,00 TTC

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Evaluation of 20

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Discount of 20%.

Full evaluation = CHF 1584,00 TTC

If you’d like to order more than 20 sets of 3 tests, please contact us.

Medium to large enterprises and multinational companies:
Benefit from the advanced features of AssessFirst for all your recruitment activities and employee evaluations

Do you anticipate performing several hundred or several thousand evaluations per year? Whether you represent a recruitment consulting firm or a large company, you unquestionably need advanced features like multiple recruiter management or the ability to integrate our evaluation system into your HRIS.

We can adapt to the size and needs of your company and offer you unlimited-use turnkey solutions.

We measure the results of all our clients
after 12 months of use of our AssessFirst product.
  • Philippe MEYER

    Site Management Staffing Director – Lafarge

    «Any time we’ve recruited someone who didn’t fit the profile defined by AccessFirst, we’ve ended up having problems.»

  • Christian CAZALOT

    Président of Attitudes AN Groupe

    «The SHAPE test enables our consultants to structure their approach and predict the future success of their candidates with greater accuracy.»

  • Benoît Vanazzi

    DRH – Plastic Omnium Division Environnement France

    «Plastic Omnium Environnement needed tools to facilitate and validate certain recruitment intuitions and decisions without leaving too much room for subjectivity»

  • Pascale VINCENT

    Director of Human Resources – Quick

    «At Quick, we use the AccessFirst tools to prevent excessive turnover in our management and administrative positions.»

  • Thierry BOUGEROL

    National Director of Human Resource Development – Carrefour Market

    «Our partnership with AccessFirst has enabled us to refine the professional development plan for each one of our employees.»

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