Since employees don’t really leave their position, but more often than not their N+1, Hire & Keep offers Considerate Leadership training for your management teams.

Developed by Raphaël H. Cohen, a professor at the University of Geneva, this leadership approach takes employees’ needs and universal human values into consideration. It provides concrete, viable, day-to-day tools for all managers, enabling them to permanently transform their organization and truly mobilize their teams.

Hire & Keep is an official representative of this method.

1- to 2-day Considerate Leadership seminar

This seminar is intended for administrators, managers and executives looking to inspire, motivate, and get the best out of their teams, and to become true leaders who are followed by choice and not by obligation. The benefits for the teams and the organization are immense: reduced stress levels, increased employee retention and enhanced performance.

During the course of the seminar, participants will learn how to do the following :

Define a mission that’s meaningful to the unit

Identify the underlying causes of a team’s dysfunction

Use recognition and acknowledgement to maximize commitment levels

Implement true empowerment

Provide effective feedback

Communicate difficult decisions

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