Identification of individual potential

Evaluate your employees based on their future potential
and ensure that you promote a new generation of leaders.

In finance, it’s common practice to warn clients that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

However, here’s what usually happens in human resource management: people are promoted based on their past performance, rather than their potential to excel in the new position.

This widespread error often leads to failure: failure in terms of team management and, ultimately, in terms of performance and results.

Through the AssessFirst tool, Hire & Keep helps you objectively identify the potential to fulfil the demands of an internal promotion, and thus guarantee its success.

Identification of individual potential

Assessment of company
or department potential

In less than 20 minutes, you’ll know the exact potential of the test subject, including how quickly that person thinks, reacts and learns.

In this way, you will quickly identify your high-potential personnel. The AssessFirst Mobility algorithms will also enable you to validate the development potential of each of your candidates by creating 12-, 24- and even 36-month scenarios.

The aptitudes of your staff must be aligned with your company’s vision and goals in order to achieve them.

Talent Mapper was designed to provide you with an overall view of your employees’ mode of operation, talents and limitations, either by department or company-wide.
Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will enable you to take action and implement the necessary measures to lead the company in the right direction more quickly.

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