Flexibility and value added

Increasingly, traditional full-time employment is losing popularity as the preferred work method :

Women often require more time and flexibility in order to reconcile their professional and family lives, whether to raise their children or to care for an elderly family member.

Senior employees often wish to continue working, but only on a part-time basis. Meanwhile, the experience they share is an incomparable asset to the company, and the intergenerational transfer of knowledge has become a hot topic these days.

The new generations, born in the eighties or later, have life aspirations that place work-life balance — as well as the opportunity to lead a life that’s rich in varied and multiple experiences — at the forefront of their concerns and choices.

Consequently, in the years to come, offering more flexible employment models will become a necessity for any company looking to recruit — and more importantly, retain — talented personnel.

Flexibility management solution

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